Who are we?

Netconn was started back in 1996, but became a company in 1998.  The name Netconn is short for NETwork CONNections. Over the years, the services provided by Netconn has grown to not only include network support, but also corporate help-desk and managed services along with a full suite of technology consulting and support.

In the mid 2000’s, Netconn expanded again becoming The Netconn Group, with Netconn Technology taking over the consulting area, and Netconn Automation looking after home and business automation services.

We now have clients around the world, but Brisbane is our home base, with our main office being close to Howard Smith Wharves (a wonderful client) on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.



We have a really simple pricing scheme.  We offer clients unlimited support for a set fee each month.  This can bundle internet, managed servers, firewalls, rented hardware, networking and wireless equipment. 

Everything you need for a network, is all managed and cared for by us.  Nothing for you to do.

For those clients that simply cannot fit into this model, we charge an ad-hoc fee as well.  Our hourly rate is the same for onsite, remote and ad-hoc services.  We bill in 30-minute increments, with a minimum of one hour for onsite work, or 30 minutes for remote support. 

There is no travel charge in the CBD, and normal hourly rates apply for travel outside of CBD areas.  Parking will be charged if required.

There is no charge to clients for phone support and no additional costs for out-of-hours support that we deem necessary.

The pricing for services such as file recovery is listed on the corresponding pages.

Currently, our On-Demand standard hourly rate is $180 per hour. 

All pricing is ex GST unless specified.

Loren Justins


Founder and CEO of Netconn, Loren boasts over 25 years of industry experience. He has fostered long-lasting relationships with clients, many spanning multiple decades, and actively leads our client relationship team. Beyond his professional achievements, Loren is an avid golfer who writes for golf magazines like Golf Digest and assesses the world's top golf courses for various publications. He also takes pleasure in public speaking engagements and serving as emcee at weddings for friends and family.

Chris Paton

Lead Consultant

Chris possesses a strong IT foundation from his tertiary education, complemented by a decade in MSP and IT customer support roles. As technology continues to evolve, Chris finds particular intrigue in the realm of cloud-based delivery for hosted services over the internet, reflecting his dedication to staying at the forefront of emerging IT trends. Beyond his professional life, Chris channels his enthusiasm into refining his golf skills and quality time with his family.

Ty Caballero


Ty has previously worked with Telstra's HelpDesk and Sales teams, along with serving as a Complaints Case Manager. These experiences ignited his passion for IT and client assistance. His primary focus lies in the field of Cyber Security, which he has pursued at the tertiary level. Given the increasing frequency of data breaches and cyberattacks, his expertise plays a pivotal role in safeguarding client data. Beyond the office, Ty can often be found either hitting the gym or enjoying a game of basketball (Go Celtics!).

Cameron Steel


Cameron brings a wealth of knowledge from six years of experience, spanning both MSP and Internal IT teams. His expertise encompasses software deployment, system administration, and automation, making him a valuable asset in our tech-driven world. Outside of the IT realm, Cameron's interests include hitting the gym, exploring new destinations through travel, and pursuing his passion for drawing.

Geoff White


Geoff boasts an impressive 40-year career in the Printing and Technology industry, where his expertise lies in network infrastructure and server management. He dedicates his efforts to serving our valued customers in Northern NSW and the Central Coast. Outside of his professional pursuits, Geoff is a devoted landscape photographer, accomplished photojournalist, and skilled motor sport photographer. He has also orchestrated highly successful international and local photographic workshops.

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