Our Work

We have a great group of clients that we have worked with over the years, many for more than two decades. That is all the advertising we need.

Manly Wharf

Manly Wharf is a cherished historical landmark located in Sydney, Australia, renowned for its vibrant heritage and pivotal role in the development of the Manly community. Established in the 1850s, over time, it has transformed into a bustling hospitality destination, housing about 20 specialty tenancies, including Queen Chow, Hugos, and the Manly Wharf Hotel. Netconn Technology is helping Manly Wharf embrace the future with the rollout of cutting-edge technology, including new computer systems, a network fibre backbone, ultra-high-speed internet, and advanced wireless technology.

Howard Smith Wharves

Howard Smith Wharves precinct in Brisbane is the latest entertainment area for this capital city. The Netconn Group was tasked with the site build, overseeing the 10Gb Fiber backbone, 2Gb fiber internet connection, network cabling, network design and implementation, rollout of computers for 150+ staff, servers for security and point of sale, wireless access across site as well as ongoing support. We have full time staff onsite each day to support the client with job logging systems and ticket resolution. We help staff work over multiple sites with cloud-based file storage solutions as well.

Anna Spiro Design

Anna Spiro Design is a highly awards Australian design firm with a large social media following. They have worked with some of the most awarded projects such as Halcyon House and Mr Percivals. The Netconn Group supplies full time support for all technology needs for ASD and manages internet, network, helpdesk support, computers and email systems.


Stanley is a Chinese restaurant getting rave reviews and awards in Brisbane. The Netconn Group was tasked with network design and infrastructure supply and configuration, computer supply and configuration, integration with their POS system, wireless across access across site, fiber internet and ongoing support and maintenance.

The Apollo

The Apollo Group and Jonathan Barthelmess have award winning restaurants in their portfolio such as The Apollo, Cho Cho San, Greca and Yoko. Their head office looks after both the Sydney and Brisbane based restaurants and The Netconn Group has been tasked with the rollout and network design for some of these restaurants and head office, the supply of computers, network infrastructure, IT support and 1Gb fiber internet access. We supply wireless across all restaurants and head office as well.

Level 27 Chambers

Level 27 Chambers is the largest barristers chambers in Brisbane with over 40 barristers in chambers. The Netconn Group helped chambers expand from one floor to add a second floor. This involved cabling, new servers for the expanded chambers size, new network infrastructure, help with their new VoIP phone system, new 1Gb fiber internet and new desktops for support staff. After three years, we have now just replaced servers and support staff computers while continuing day-to-day support for all staff and barristers. This new rollout now includes full time monitoring of all computers and full remote support.


UrbanX is not your typical real estate agent, as award winning owner Daniel Argent wanted to create a firm that would enable other estate agents to create their own brands, and keep more commission themselves. The Netconn Group over the years has helped UrbanX with front line IT support for agents and staff, email support, fiber internet supply, computers and servers. We also look after offsite backups of their data.

Ownit Conveyancing

Ownit Conveyancing have been a long-term client for well over a decade. We have seen them grow from 7 employees to over 60 currently. Their growth also made a recent office move to a large building necessary. We not only helped with the physical move, but the planning, design and implementation of their new cloud-based systems, redundant internet utilising fibre and microwave and their migration to a more paperless office environment. Covid also allowed us to implement more technology to overcome working-from-home issues, and made the business much more resilient to issues within a normal office environment.