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We provide Fully Automated Phishing Simulations, Cybersecurity Training for Employees and Next-Gen Threat Intelligence. We are also WatchGuard Firewall and Router specialists.

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Preventing and mitigating cybersecurity risks is key to ensuring yours and your customer’s data is kept protected and secure from malicious actors. Our solutions ensure you have the best cybersecurity posture available.

A cybersecurity incident can damage not only your business’ productivity, but also your reputation and inflict you with legal risk that could include financial penalties to both the business itself and the directors as individuals.

Email is a core productivity tool for businesses, and with that it has also become the most critical intrusion point for any malicious actors. Our industry leading hosted email security platform monitors and protects you from viruses, phishing attacks, and every other manner nasty email – before they ever reach your inbox.

Phishing training and detection is a key component to Cyber Security.  We offer a holistic approach to your employees’ Security Awareness, because awareness alone is not enough.  It is important to offer them complete training that covers all bases. Improve your organisation’s cyber resilience by educating employees in a fully automated way. We guarantee permanent behavioural change through a holistic combination of personalised simulations, security awareness training sessions, active reporting and threat intelligence.

We partner with industry leading WatchGuard to provide Managed Firewall services. This ensures you have the highest quality security for your business, proactively monitored from our IT helpdesk.

Our Managed Anti-Virus solution gives you access to enterprise anti-virus protection at a fraction of the cost boosting your cyber security defences. Our solution is born in the cloud and automatically updates virus definitions to protect you from never before seen attacks.

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