Managed Services

Managed Support provides you with the proactive support that helps keep your network and staff running efficiently. We provide you with a large-business-style level IT team.

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Managed Support

Managed Support provides you the unlimited proactive support that helps keep your network running efficiently. We provide you with a large-business-style level IT department for a fraction of the price it would cost you to have in-house support. Our Managed Support gives you access to bulk buying prices for computer and network hardware, discount rates for On-Demand support, and unlimited, free support for your managed system.

It’s like having your own, onsite, full-time IT support team with you, 24 hours a day, but you only pay a fraction of the cost, with all the added benefits of having a WHOLE team and bulk buying power!

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On-Demand Support

This type of support is perfect for clients who only need support at various, odd times –¬† on demand.

As well as Managed Support, we can look after your business on an hourly basis. This may work well for you, but the downsides are costs for each job, Remote Support or Onsite Support.

Larger discounts for hardware purchases are also missed by not having a Managed Support contract in place.

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Remote Support

As part of our Managed Services or our On-Demand Support, we have software that allows us to remotely monitor and work on your computers and servers, when and where you want, anywhere in the world.

This means support time is dramatically improved and costs are reduced, which leaves the customer much happier. Call for a free demonstration.

This is often the cheaper option than onsite support as minimum times are less, and travel time is required if outside the CBD.

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