Terms & Conditions

Last Updated – January 2019.

​We don’t believe in a large list of terms and conditions.  We want this to be a real relationship, built on communication.  We think that most issues can re resolved by talking, having a hot drink, lunch or a round of golf.  Our shout obviously.

Here are the terms we do have below.


Invoices are typically due within 7 days and are normally sent on the 1st of the month.  Your service, product or consultation will have specific dates on that invoice.  If they do not and you need more information, please contact us.  We bill on the 1st of each month to simplify the number of bills you receive from us.




Payments via Online

You can pay online using the links on the invoice.  This will add a surcharge automatically.  Go to payment.netconn.com.au and enter your invoice number and the amount you would like to pay.

Payments via Phone

You can pay via phone by calling 1300 NETCONN (1300 638 266) and choosing Option 2.  Use the billing code of 402149 and your invoice number as the reference along with the amount.

Payments via Direct Debit

You can pay via Direct Debit by using the following details.

The Netconn Group
BSB – 064000 
Account – 12109647

Payments via Cheque

You can pay via Cheque.  Send the cheques to:

The Netconn Group
GPO Box 1167
Brisbane QLD 4001

Payments via Bpay

You can also pay via Bpay.  The details are as follows:

Biller Code – 656777
Reference – Call Us


Cancelling Services

Third Party Services

Third party services such as Web hosting, Email hosting, Subscriptions along with other items can generally be cancelled any time.  Be aware that the billing period will likely be different to our 1st of the month billing.  When cancelling, we can let you know if you will be billed for the next month based on their billing cycle.  For example, we may be billed on the 20th for your Web Site, and pay for it then for the next month.  You can cancel on the 30th, but we will still have to send the bill on the 1st as we have already paid in advance for your next month.

There are some services that are annual, and licenses that have minimum annual spends.  Please contact us about your specific contracts.

Monthly Maintenance

Unless we have bundled extras like hardware, internet or emails (as examples), we do not typically lock you into our services.

We do however reserve the right to not allow clients to switch between fixed and ad-hoc pricing each month based on what they think their requirements will be.  This system only works if it is fair to both you and us, and if done in good faith.

Leaving us

We realise that clients may need to move on due to a variety of reasons.  We will strive to do everything in our power to make this a smooth transition.  We also believe that many issues can be resolved by simply talking, so let us know if something is not right.  We would love to keep you are clients, and will do what we can to resolve any issues that may have caused issues, however, we will make it an easy transition if that is what is needed.  That’s our promise.